Thursday, January 24, 2008

Am I a poparotsy?

Judy and I were back at the coast last week. As we drove through Depot Bay, we encountered quite a traffic jam. It seems they are filming for a movie produced and starred by Charlez Theron called "The Burning Plain".

We parked our car and walked back along the street taking pictures of the action on and around the set. We took a few pictures from right across the street and then noticed a few locals milling around the set so we walked across the road and mingled with them.

A man of authority walked up to me and informed me that they had purchased this entire area for their shoot and that no pictures were allowed. He said that it was OK to shoot from across the street but not on their set.

We stood and watched as they set up for their next shot. The same man came back to me minutes later and told me that I would last longer on the set if I put my camera in my pocket. He said that I was the talk of their radio. I thanked him and complied.

An actor came on the set and we watched as they did his final make up. I must admit that I did not recognize him at first but when he spoke, I realized who he was. I could not place his name so I asked one of the crew and they told me John Corbett.

We watched as John did a dress rehearsal of a scene where he is a chef and is having a smoke break with one of the waitresses.

Having seen enough, Judy and I retreated back to our car but as we walked, I called my daughter, Carrie, and told her what we had seen. "John Corbett!", She excitedly explained, "Dad, he was the guy in "A Big Fat Greek Wedding". You just have to get his picture for me.".

I thought about how the guy said that we could take pictures from across the road and Judy had her new camera with the mega zoom on it so I slipped back across the road as Judy went back to the car to stay warm.

I waited by some people that I had met earlier and we talked as they prepared for the take on John's scene. As John came out and took his position, I too took my position and lined up my zoom on him. With a shot of him taken, I lined up on the actress with him but noticed someone waving in my lens finder. I was being waved off. That same nice man earlier told me that they will wave you off if you are in the line of sight of the actor so I felt that was what was happening and moved over a little and prepared again to take the other shot.

A deputy sheriff then came running across the road. He ran over to me and angrily stated that I had been warned about my camera. I told him what I had been told of it being OK to shoot across the road and he said that they wanted me to stop shooting immediately. Now, I already had my shot and didn't want to make a scene or anything so I complied and walked back to the car.

As we drove back across the set, we noticed that they had lined up their vans on the side of the road blocking anyone else from taking one of those "across the street" shots. I called Carrie and told her that I had gotten in trouble with the Sheriff for taking her picture. "You see what I do for the women in my life?", I told her. Judy giggled as I retold the story and then made her own statement....."I am married to a Poparotsy!"

So, here is the picture for all of you John Corbett fans. By the way, Kim Bassinger is in the movie also.

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Elise Michaels Media said...

Wow, John with short hair? Not so much.