Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Restaurant News

I am heading up to Portland today but discovered a couple of things yesterday that I found interesting so I thought I might post them before I leave.

First, I stopped at Robby J's under the impression that they were selling their equipment. I am looking for a couple of things for the kitchen so I thought he might have something I could use.

On the door was a posting from the health department shutting him down for not buying his license for the year. The date of shut down posted was February 12. That means for what ever reason when he was billed for his license (cost is based upon seating) late last year, he didnt buy it so they closed him. Who knows, he might have expected it and just waited till they did it but that doesnt make great sense to me.

Secondly, on my way back, I drove by Kasey's BBQ. They were putting up the new name on the end of the building. "Long Shots Pub". I dont know if it is the same owners but it is definately a change of plans.

For those who don't know the history of that building, it was the original DQ in Bend along with a small Mom & Pop grocery store. The widening of the road caused problems for the store and they ended up with parking behind the building and allowing people to come in the back door. This went OK until a robber robbed them twice in one week. The second time he came in he stuck his gun in the face of the same cashier and stated, "Remember me?". I talked with her shortly afterwards and she was very nervous and was going to quit. I dont believe they lasted long after that.

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Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

I hope the Long Shot Pub does better than Kasey's. That was not good BBQ. I feel bad for them.