Saturday, March 15, 2008

Jake's meets Let's Make a Space

We have been working on this for a couple of weeks now but are close to finalizing the deal. On April 20th, Jake's will be closing at 3PM. Our crew will come in and pull everything out of the front room, clean down all of the walls and shelves, and turn the room over to the Lets Make a Space crew. And then in the twinkling of an five days anyway, they will transform our front room with a complete make over. The transformation will be videotaped and used on a future television show.

Judy and I (or anyone else) will not be able to see the room until it is revealed on Saturday morning (April 26th) in a Grand Revealing or Grand Reopening of our main floor.

Jake's will not be closed during this renovation however. We will continue to operate for the week out of our back room. All of our normal meetings for the week will have to be discontinued for just that week and we will be contacting all of the clubs and organizations that normally use it to let them know.

So, April 26th will be named "Grand Revealing Day". If all goes well, the Let's Make a Space crew will work alongside our crew in serving the public that day. Judy and I have decided to turn over the profits for the day to a local agency to assist in helping out the less fortunate in our area.

Why are we doing this? The answer is two-fold. We realize that we look a little cluttered at times. The local food critic from the Bulletin last year even went so far as to say that we have no atmosphere in our surroundings on our floor. We want to make our floor less cluttered and more inviting to our guests and friends.

So, it looks like April will be a very hectic month for us capped off with the new and improved Jake's. I will attempt to keep you abreast of how I feel during that stressful week. How do I feel right now? Both scared and excited. But both of those are a part of being in business today.

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