Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sex Education 101

Have you noticed the ads on TV for Male enhancement? There is one about happy Bob. Happy Bob is happy because he is taking their product and is now enhanced. And...all the women around Bob are happy too. Bob becomes a Santa and all of the women line up to sit on his lap.

Well, now there is an ad for Women products too. The product is made by the Trojan company and is a vibrator that fits on the end of your finger. I can see the ad running on women's channels but:

Judy and I were watching the Travel Channel last night with Jayden. The show was on different Christmas type things all over the nation. The women's ad came on. I sat up and said, "oh, oh, oh!". Judy, with the speed of a cat, grabbed the remote and quickly changed the channel to the Science channel and a show on weird bugs.

"What was that?", asked Jay. "What?", I asked back. "Why did you change channels?", he asked. I had to think fast. "Well....would you rather see a show on weird bugs or a show on Christmas?", I countered. "Weird bugs.", he said. "Well, that is why we are watching it.". Jay accepted the answer and we watched the bugs.

I feel sorry for all of you young parents who are trying to bring up your children innocently these days. Just how do you explain what the world has placed in front of them. I remember when it was my turn to tell Casey about the birds and the bees. We had been informed that his middle school class was to have a sex video. We could decide whether to let him watch or not. Since he might be teased for not being able to go, we decided to let him and I felt we needed the talk first. As we drove to school, I fumbled through trying to tell him where he came from, how, and why. He remained quite silent and so I wasn't sure if he was even listening. Finally, about half way to school, he said, "Hey Dad, I know all about that kind of stuff. Do you think we could talk about something else. Maybe sports or something.". "Sure", I said relieved, "What about those Blazers? Did you see that game last night?......

I was discussing this with a couple of our employees this morning and one told me of her kindergarten child who came home from school the other day. They had someone come into the class and teach them sex education without even telling the parents. "Hey Mom, I know what a penis and vagina are.", He announced, "And I know all about puberty. Wow, I can't wait!".

Now, I know I am older but I am not a prude. And I feel that there is a time and a place and it should be up to the parent...not the school or the TV channel.

I guess the song never losses it's meaning. "The times, they are a changing.". In the mean time, we need to remain quick with our remotes and fast on our feet with our explanations.


SJacobus said...

I know some of the kids are little too educated in kindergarten, but it's usually been because of something their classmates had no business knowing and shared it with them. I also understand that they have to teach it anymore in schools at some point due to societal issues, but it makes me mad the schools are teaching it that young! Which school, if you don't mind answering?

diner life said...

Not sure what school. They live behind the north Albertsons.