Saturday, January 10, 2009

My first full year of Blogging

Wow, this last year seemed to go by fast but when I look back at my blog, there were quite a few posts there. It is interesting looking back month to month and seeing what I was dealing with at the time.

In all, 89 entries were posted. That averages out to over 7 per month. Many of those were middle of the night posts, however, as the posts became a way for me to get things off of my chest and allow me to get some rest.

I put out the boxes for our annual Middle of the Winter food and clothing drive. I sent out the PSA today but before it was even sent off, we already have a van load. Maybe I should try and keep some kind of track on how much we collect this year. The only real way for me to measure that would be in bags full, however.

I am looking at this year with excitement and, I must admit, a little fear. While we watch many other businesses fall and still others reducing their payrolls, we are going in with the same amount of people. In order to keep our service level high and our product quality the same, we need to keep our edge sharp. This cannot be done by letting people go. I will continue this mindset as long as I can stay in the black.

Thank you all for a great 2008 and feel free to use this outlet to let me know if you do have any problems while experiencing our place.

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