Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A good employer

May 22, 2012
What makes a good employer?
That seems to be what is racing through my mind tonight. Sometimes you get it right....other times not. But, whatever you do, whatever your decision....it always affects someone.
I gave a person an opportunity. I based it on more of how he worked rather than what he said but his statements did give him a foot in the door. He claims to have been a busy chef in his past.
He seems to have the work ethic that I look for. He was hired in the dish room but was always looking for the things that needed to get done. He also was always willing to go the extra mile for his fellow employees.
But, there was an issue that I also saw that did scare me but as a part of his private life, I did not feel it my right (i guess) to be judge and jury. In other words, his hard work and what he does there should take precedent.
So, I gave him the opportunity to go back to what he used to do. At first, it seemed ok. He seemed to pick things up fairly fast. Until the first challange hit him. Instead of stepping up to the challange, he seemed afraid of it. His mind blocked and even small things became hard.
Now, there can be more than one reason here and no matter what I do.....no matter what I decide...it might harm someone.
Last night, I left him alone in the kitchen because it is normally not busy after a certain time. I was in the backroom when I looked out the window and saw a rather large group of young men walking in.
There was no one else in the diner so I went back and told him that he had a party of 10 but not to worry, I would be close by. I saw the panic in his eyes....I know that look.
So, I immediately called the cook that I had just sent home and luckily reached him to bring him back. I breathed a sigh of relief as he walked in the door. I had already talked with the group and found out that they had found us online. Often times when a person goes to a place based upon those online social sites, that means that they might just leave mention of their own.....especially if it is not what they have read it to be. I wanted their experience to be normal 'Jake's' fare.
Right after I had told him of the group, I took note of the heavy sweat on his brow. I checked in with the previous cook to find my new guy was not in the kitchen. Further investigation found him throwing up in the bathroom. His nerves had gotten the best of him. I ended up sending him home.
Now, I have a decision to make. I have no position for him to go back to. I need to have a stronger cook on the line. I can either let him go.....or continue to work with him, hoping that familiarity will overcome his nerves.
To let him go is the easy way out. And what will it do to him? Jobs these days are hard enough to find.  Hard work and determination deserve more than this.  But....he did lie to me also.  He is obviously not been a busy chef.
I think it is time for a good heart to heart.......and then......a decision.

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