Thursday, May 23, 2013

Race Night

May 23, 2013
The coldest day in quite some time.  The threat of snow.  Wind.  The absolute worst weather that I could imagine to have for our first car show of the summer (I joked that it was actually the last car show of the winter).  I worried that it would be a horrible bomb.  But then I looked around at a room filled with.....friends.  Friends who came to support us, who braved the cold and threat of moisture with their old cars, Veterans, Car people, church friends......and I thought......I am so blessed!  We actually sold two more BBQs than last year.  Thanks to Richard Smith who volunteered yet again to take tickets.  To Jerry Bugge who came up with this idea a few years back and not only brought in his dragster but the fellow who has the fastest car at the track.  No one walked the lot but I watched cars of people who drove in slowly and cruised it looking at the cars who had come.  Thank you cool kids, Mustang club, Band of Brothers, High Desert A's, Linechasers, Central Oregon Old Car Club, and all of the others who braved the elements.  I am truly overwhelmed!  And thank you Trinity Hicks for taking over the Jake's page and keeping people informed in this new digital age of what we are doing.

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