Thursday, June 14, 2007

Holdem for Habitat (2)

A busy Monday started with all the preparations needed for the night's game. I was pretty exhausted after the busy weekend, but felt that if I could get through the day, I could rest on Tuesday. It is now Thursday and I have found my first time alone to collect my thoughts.

The day started out with an interview on the Twins with KC and Ron. Ron was sick so KC and I talked back and forth about the event. When I arrived back at my office, I found a note to myself reminding me that I was suppose to take them breakfast that morning as it was the anniversary of the start of their morning show together. "Poor KC", I thought. Ron is sick and I forget breakfast. I try and call but she is far to busy running the show by herself so I leave that for another day (actually Tuesday but that is another story).

All the last minute details needed to find their time along with the normal operations (New cooks needed hiring, two of the grills were acting up, the glass top of a table on the deck needed replacing after being shattered in a wind gust, along with what always seems to be a never ending line of other things that need attention.)

Z21 calls and wants to interview. I set it up for 1PM to insure that we are through lunch first. I quickly contact my buddy, Frank Patka, who helps me with the games and Richard Smith, who was the habitat representative that I initially worked with and now has become a good friend. I ask them both to join me in the interview because of their parts in the event. They will both be helping me run it this evening.

I call friends to get additional table tops and chips wondering how we will be able to handle tonight if it gets too large. Not sure if I have enough, I run down to Walmart and get a couple of fleece blankets to lay out on tables if needed.

One of the radio stations called and asked me for more details on the event. It seemed that the Bulletin had announced that it would be held on Wednesday. They promised to get the correction out on air on all of their stations.

Parts of the day were a blur to me but when Z21 showed up, so did Frank and Richard and we sat behind one of the tables and began talking about the event. Frank and I bantered back and forth while the interviewer attempted to get serious statements from us. I did not realize at first but any answer that I made was usually with a hand behind my head with two finger ears raised or Frank pretending to pick his nose or do something other distraction. They did get a fairly good statement from Frank and I left them with what I felt would be the line used keeping a side eye of Frank while making it to insure his non-distraction. The cameraman was quite entertained by the banter and my wife jokingly asked him if he had a good editor. He assured her that they would be able to get a good soundbite from the lengthy shot. Frank and I began arguing on whose would be used.

In no time, 5PM had come around and the last minute details needed to be attended to. Judy (my wife), Richard, and I began setting up the chips and prize table. As Judy counted out chips, she quiped, "Shouldn't you have had some of this stuff done earlier?". "Have you seen me sit down today?", I asked. "Yes", she cooed, "At lunch!".

Tables cleared and tops laid out, the Habitat people began showing up around 5:30 and I asked them to have their meeting out on deck so I could attend to the last minute details. My daughter calls to inform me that the 5PM news got the figures wrong on the events total. We would be going over $6000 and they stated $3000. "At least we got air time", I said. I then asked her whos sound bite was used and she said that none were used.

At 5:45, only 4 players had been signed up and I began my usual last minute worry session. Trying to focus on the tasks at hand, I slapped my self with the reality that it didnt matter who showed up because we were just attempting to do the right thing and that was all that mattered. Shortly after 6, players started to pour in and I knew that part would be alright also. 42 players showed up and we placed them on four tables in the room and one out on the deck. Fox news showed up and I introduced them to the Habitat rep as I was far to busy at the time and after a few quick announcements, the game began and I was in my element.

Richard manned the chip and gift table while Frank and I walked amongst the tables answering questions and solving minor disputes over hands. The loudness of the room was deafening but was punctuated with laughter and smiles that showed me that all were having a good time. We realized that we had enough chips, so we announced that they would be allowed to buy back in up to the time of the first blind raise. This created chaos as players began going all in to get rid of their short stacks and buy more chips. "Keep buying", I yelled out, "We are building houses!".

I walked by one table to see that the flop was three aces. I dont believe that I have ever seen that one before. I later hear shreaks coming from the same table as one of the players had beaten a full house by having the other ace in his pocket. Unbelievable.

Two hours later, we were down to the final table. It seemed like half of the table were regulars while the other half new faces. Joe from Foxnews had made the table along with Casey, my son, who had won the previous week.

I watched as Casey's stack of chips grew and grew and saw him take his second tourney in a row.

A big thanks is needed to Kings Razor, Printer Resources (Franks business),Lava lanes, The Twins, and the Shell station on the corner of 27th and Hwy 20 for providing great prizes to the winners on the final table. And of course a special thanks to Frank and Richard for not only their help but their friendship.

We were informed that Z21 had played a good piece on the 6 oclock news and that they had played a soundbite from the interview. Frank and I began immediatly arguing on who would be used. Since he already owes me a ticket to a Duck game in the fall, I offered him a double or nothing on the bet. He declined as we folded up the tabletops and set the tables for the next days business.

Too bad he didnt take that bet as it was his bite that was used.

Ok, time to get ready for our next big event. The 4th of July BBQ for Central Oregon Veterans Outreach. Details coming soon.

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