Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Holdem for Habitat

Every Monday night, Jake’s Diner holds a Texas Holdem Tournament with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity. To date, nearly $6000 has been raised to help build homes for local people.

On Monday, June 11th , there will be a special night which will include officers from Habitat and some of the new soon to be Habitat homeowners. Sign ups will begin at 5PM and the tournament will start at 6:30. The charge for the event is the same as every Monday night which is $5.

Last night, we had 16 players including Joe from Fox who made it to the final three players. Next Monday should be a huge night.


Elise Michaels Media said...

Do you serve beer there yet, Lyle? Cause I'm not sure I could play without having a little sumpin' in me, if ya know what I mean... I'll try to make a showing one of these nights! That's a great way to make money for a really worthy cause!

diner life said...

Thanks Elise, but the only beer is in my office. Maybe we could have one before hand and talk about old times.

No, I decided long ago that if Jakes was to be what I consider a true family restaurant, then there could be no alcohol served there. I realize my bottom line could be better by it but I will stick with my convictions. No offense meant to anyone for that.