Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stupid is as stupid does

They say things come in threes or at least I heard that said once or twice. That seemed to be the case with me recently. Maybe it is my age catching up with me, maybe it is just coincidence, or maybe early signs of something else but the following happened to me within a 24 hour time period.

1. I was driving out of the US Cell lot across the street from IHOP. I was driving down the parking lot to turn onto the lane that comes up to the light. Everything looked normal with the lot being rather full as I turned into the lane. At first, something did not seem right and the lane seemed rather small. I wondered why I had not noticed that before but pulled right up to the light. I was confused as I felt that I was over to the left more than I should have been. I felt that because I was. I noticed to my right the line of cars waiting to pull out that had looked like parked cars to me just seconds ago. I was in the lane that you drive into the parking lot! To make matters worse, cars began to turn right into my lane. I quickly backed up with a red face to the laughter of the people in the proper lane. I waved and apologised as the stream of cars that I had held up went by me. Some understood while others just shook their heads. By the time that I reached my proper place the light had turned red.

2. Later, back at the diner, the busy cooks looked like they needed a cool down. I offered to make them all smoothies of which they quickly accepted. I got out the smoothie glasses, loaded them up with ice and just the right amount of water. I then scooped up the smoothie mix into the blenders. Putting the top on, I turned on the blenders. I stared at the blenders wondering why the weren't doing what they normally did. The level was less and they didn't seem to be blending properly. Then I looked down at the glasses in front of me still full of ice and water just waiting to be poured into the blenders also. I was just blending the smoothie mix alone!

3. Saturday morning, I awoke and looked out the window to see the balloons going up. I could see that they were going to go over the top of the diner so I quickly dressed and drove over with my camera in hand. I got tons of great pictures such as balloons over the diner from various directions and a few going in front of Pilot Butte also. But there was one shot that beat them all. As the bright yellow balloon floated by the large flag at Thomas Sales, I shot a few pics of it. One of them, I felt really good about. As the flag flapped, it seemed to wrap around the balloon like a frame on a picture. I looked at the pic and said, that is definitely one to submit. I also took some short movies of the balloons as they floated right above me and you could hear the sound of the blasts that heated up the air keeping them afloat.

I drove back to the house, eager to share my pictures with Judy. I pulled up into the driveway and opened up the screen on the camera with the intent to find that picture of the balloon framed by the flag. The format on the screen was wrong with the picture turned 90 degrees instead of filling up the screen. I figured I could fix that and quickly went into the menu. I saw format and what looked to be a sideways page so in my mind, that seemed to be the right thing to correct the problem. I hit the button and another screen came up telling me something about the size. That didn't seem to matter to me so I hit the button again. A line went across the screen and I shuddered at what I had just done. How stupid of me. I knew what formatting meant. I had just formatted the card on the camera! Sure enough, as I went back to the pictures, the screen told me that their was no data on the card. I had just wiped out all of my pictures!

I am in hopes of this type of thing not happening to often or at least not as frequent as these events were to each other. Maybe I am just too busy. Maybe I have too many things swimming around in my head. Maybe I am just getting older. Maybe its that cell phone thing. Or maybe just coincidence. Who knows.

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