Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Couple

They come in just about every night for dinner. They are a nice couple....quiet but sometimes demanding. I guess it would be more like just wanting something a particular way at a particular price.

They came in as usual on Thursday night for supper and when they left, there was a rather large billfold left on the booth with her initials on it. It was very full of bills. So full that she had to keep it together with rubber bands.

I called a friend who knew their number. I called them and the husband answered. I asked him if they were missing anything. "No", he said. "Does your wife have her wallet?", I answered. "No", he answered, "She just called me and she does not have her wallet".

"That is because it is here at Jake's"
"At Jake's Diner"
"Where are you located."
"Jake's Diner where you eat supper every night."
"OK, do you have an address?"
"It's Jake's Diner, this is Lyle."
"Oh....OK. I will tell her."

A bit later, she showed up and I gave her her purse. "I am so glad I got this back.", she said, "It has my ID and my credit card in it.". "I would be more worried about all of the money that you left.", I said. "We are going away and there are places that you can't use a card so I needed the money. But I sure am glad that no one took my credit card.".

She looked in her wallet, secure that nothing was stolen. "I should give someone a reward.", she said. "Ted was the honest man. Ted should get the reward.", I answered.
"How much should I give him." as she fumbled through the bills.
"That is up to you."
"Someone should get a reward."
"If anyone gets one, it should be Ted."

She gave me a huge hug (normally she is not a hugger). "Thank you so much.", she said. "Ted should get the thanks.", I countered. She looked up and smiled wrapping her wallet up with the rubber bands again. As she walked out the door, she turned and looked at me and said, "Well, you ought to give that guy a reward for that.". Then out she walked.


Keeneye said...

Too funny. I left my wallet at a restaurant here in Baker when we first moved over:

I felt like $100 was too little of a reward.

Elise Michaels Media said...

Many many years ago, I would wait on an old couple once in a while. They were pretty demanding, but I smiled and gave them great service. And they would ALWAYS leave me a quarter for a tip! Not 50 cents, but one quarter. Used to make me so mad.

RichardF said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. The story makes me think they both were a bit hard of hearing... either that, or they had selective hearing. I also can't help wondering if Ted ever got "a tip." I hope the "tip" he received wasn't the one where he gets the message "don't ever do that again." My daughter and grandchildren are up there in Bend today and if they haven't left yet - I'm going to tell them to leave Ted a tip from all of us, who appreciate the good doings of others. Just keep serving that good food that everyone is talking about whenever they come back from Bend.