Sunday, March 28, 2010

Patrick Flaherty for District Attorney

Patrick Flaherty for District Attorney

Usually, I don't involve myself in politics and this is, in that we are talking of an elected position. I have been open in the past, however, of my disapproval of how the present day District Attorney and crew have handled my situations and I was very happy to see this man is backed by two people who I respect, namely Tim Knopp and Les Stiles.

I am not saying I am in his camp just yet, but I like what I see so far. He is also open to talk as I have already emailed him. May 18 is the day so please, do your own investigating. I know we need to replace the present one, maybe this is the man.


Anonymous said...

I like Patrick. Have sat in a jury seat on several of his trials. He is a good man. I am not too political but my experience with our current DA has been nothing but positive. He has never failed to go over to Salem every 2 years to keep the man who killed my best friend Mary Ann Thomas Hosier in prison. He has represented us and the family so well when illness has kept us from being there. This has gone on since 1983 when Judge Copenhaver represented us, and at his retirement passed the baton to Mike. I have always respected Mike for this. So I am also watching and considering carefully. It is difficult when two people you respect are running for the same office. I respect your post, Lyle and it now lays in the Flaherty for DA pile on my desk. Thank you.
Kathy Poncy

diner life said...

Thanks for your input, Kathy

Unknown said...

How can Mike Duggan be so intent on prosecuting a cpa who cut down 3-5 trees that were on the irrigation districts property. He got permission from the wrong people. Then on the other hand he does nothing or very little in the case against Betsy Rose of PRG property management. She has embezzled many thousands of dollars from central oregon landlords. He went Elk hunting instead of tending to business and this got swept under the rug. She has harmed many people and he does nothing.