Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dr Boo Boo

The surgery is now over a week past and I am doing very well. The first two days had my leg laying me up because the cut was along the side of my knee. But, that actually gave me opportunity to rest and read which was very good. By Monday, I was back to work and by Tuesday, I could walk up and down the steps without too much discomfort.

The young doctor who started out doing my procedure was being assisted and taught by the leader and instructor at OHSU. After finishing up my side, he started to deaden the leg in preparation of the cut. We chatted as he worked and he told me that he was leaving that evening for Chicago to go to the Notre Dame game the next day with old college buddies.

He suddenly stopped and said, "Oh, I did a boo boo.". "What?", I laughed in almost shock as you can imagine my surprise. First off, it was funny hearing those words from a doctor and secondly, what was the boo boo......after all, this was my body he was working on.

He had poked his finger while deadening my leg. The nurse immediately began to lecture him. "I should spank you for that", she said, "That is one of the things we always talk about.". "Maybe he wants spanked", I joked. That drew a roar from the doctors and nurses close by and a stop and stare from the nurse who seemed surprised to hear from the patient. She smiled as she continued to talk to the young doctor and tell him that he was off the floor and had to go to Human Resources. She then asked me if I would be willing to go up and give blood after the surgery. They had to insure that I did not have Hepatitis or Aids before the doc was allowed back on the floor. I understood and agreed.

So, yesterday, I was walking out of Fred Meyers when I recieved the call that went kind of like this:

Hello Lyle, this is Doctor J who did your surgery last week.

Dr. Boo Boo?

Yes, (laughing) I felt awful foolish about that one.

How did your game go?

Great, it was so much fun getting to see old friends and the game was fun.

I am going to the Duck game with my daughters and grandson tomorrow.

That sounds like fun. And I have good news for you.

You got it all?

Yes, the biopsies are in and the outer areas were all clear.

Thanks Doc! And good job.

Thank you, Lyle, and enjoy your game.

So, for right now, I once again have the all clear signal. My next check up is in October. I am actually enjoying parts of this new diet that I have put myself on. Last night, Trin made a tofu pasta spaghetti dish and I ate it with a bowl of fresh fruit and washed it down with a vegie/fruit drink made from colorful fruits and vegies. For desert, I had a couple of almonds covered in dark chocolate. Proof that sometimes diets can taste good.


Duncan McGeary said...

Reminds me of the old Bill Cosby sketch.


"Did you just say Oops? Do you mean oops the way I mean oops when I say oops?"

Anonymous said...

Good news Lyle. May your Ducks and my Beavs do well today. They make it fun to be an Oregonian, don't they?!!

Those guys at OHSU are just the best aren't they. Dr. Boo Boo sounds wonderful.

Praying for the best.