Thursday, November 4, 2010

Multnomah County

I find it very interesting to note that this county controls the entire state. So, how goes Multnomah County, so goes Oregon. Now, that should not be a problem, should it. The problem is the seemingly huge difference in how that county thinks to all of the rest of us.

Time after time, the voters of most of the state vote the opposite of the ones in this county. But, their sheer numbers alone cancel out all of our votes. It has happened in Presidential elections and earlier this year in two tax initiatives. Back in January, Prop 66 and 67 were carried by that county. If you took the combined votes of the rest of us, it would have been defeated.

No stark a contrast has their been in this issue than just this week. Former Gov Kitzhaber defeated Chris Dudley. But, if you look at the numbers outside of Multnomah, Mr. Dudley would have won by over 100,000 votes! Just check out the Oregonians website for the results. Kitzhaber won over all by around 13,ooo votes. But in Multnomah county, he won by over 116,000 thus cancelling out all the rest of the states votes.

Wikipedia has a web page that I find very interesting. Besides the fact that this county is by far the largest per capita in the state, it's political leanings started to change back in the 1980's. Now, it has always been a Democrat controlled county but something major changed back then and the numbers of the control of the Democrats have increased since then to where now, the Democrats outnumber the Republicans by nearly four fold.

Somehow, this needs to be addressed. Otherwise, the wide expanse of this great state will begin to get bitter. Oregonians, outside of this county are for the most part fiercely independent. As the political environment and the thoughts of how to best run our state (and our country for that matter) become more polarized, I wonder just how long it will be before the rest of the state begins to fight back.

Furthermore, now that this county and it's opposite thinking center realizes just how much control they have of us all, how soon will it be before they begin to control us all with their agendas. Or has this already happened. So goes Multomah County, so goes Oregon.

I fear we have lost our voice.


keeneye said...

I clicked on the link you provided and was blown away by the red counties.

Holy smokes!

Looks like someone didn't sway the majority in Multnomah, and the rest of the state was "good riddance".


Anonymous said...

Sorry folks...this is democracy in action. The bulk of the population is west of the Cascades, especially around Portland. The fact that several counties have large populations, and a bunch of others have small populations is irrelevant - it ain't "one county, one vote" is "one person, one vote"..except for voting for President where the electoral college gives small states a disproportionate share. I have voted in every single election since I came of age (except for one when I was out of the country and missed the "early" international absentee deadline). Like most of you - sometimes elections have gone the way I want...sometimes not. We should all settle down, but make sure we hold whoever was elected accountable for their actions.

diner life said...

Mr. Anonymous. You miss my point in this. What causes this major difference in thought between all these people in this small (size wise) county and the rest of the state? What is the reason that they think so much different than the most of the rest of the state? Is it some of their dependance on government? Is it unions? The demographics seem quite the same as far as wages are concerned. But their political, social, and even moral thoughts are so much different than ours.

What is your feeling for this difference? And my second point was how dramatic this change has happened and who the numbers keep getting more dramatic. What happened in the 80's that started this trend?

Most of the other counties haven't changed much as far as their leanings on these issues. We figure we can take care of ourselves and want the government to have less control over our lives.

Sooner or later, I see this causing much anger. Especially if the economy gets worse.

Anonymous said...

Yep. When I was working we were frustrated almost monthly with the fact that Multnomah County controls everything when it comes to funding and voting. It is miserable to live with but they do have the most population. I found it quite interesting that Chris Dudley who worked in Portland for so many years lost the election because of that county. Much could be said and considered there for sure. This is when it is hard to be living in the less populated part of the state and is also why we MUST carefully vote in our candidates when it comes to who we send to Salem to be our voice.