Friday, November 19, 2010

Blaming the Dems

Now, I have no love for most of the Democrat political people but I don't believe in blaming them for everything. This just happened.

A man came in and wanted to place an order to go. He wanted to take the menu back out to the car to study it. First off, I could tell that he really didn't like being around people so I gave him the menu and he started back out. Then he stopped and asked me, "I have a card for a free meal. If I don't use up the $10, do you give me the change.". My reply was simple, "No, it is for a free meal not $10". He shrugged and left and I stuck around as I figured that he might be a handful when he returned.

So, he returned and ordered a burger. Then he asked to have the burger done medium rare. "I am sorry sir, but I cannot cook the burger medium rare. I need to fully cook the burger.".

He looked at me and his eyes seem to change. Kind of 'fire in the eyes' look. I continued, "If I under cook your ground beef and you get sick from it, I am the person responsible. It has been determined that all ground beef needs to be cooked.".

"It's the damned Democrats in Congress doing it to us again.", He blurted out.

With a smile, I returned. "No, it is not the Democrats in congress. It is the Health Department in Bend.".

With that, I smiled and left. I will have to check with Trin who was the cashier to see if he had any more words of wisdom for her.

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