Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mrs Collister

I haven't been posting much lately and there has been good reason.....I am sleeping at night. Most of my posts come at this time because frankly, I am just too busy to post during the day. But, tonight I awoke with an experience in my head that stayed with me so I am up writing it down so that I can go back to sleep.

Trin and I went to a basketball game over in Eugene on Thursday. One of the last games in Mac court. I will miss that place. We parked in our usual spot and walked through the cemetery to the court. That is just one of the experiences that I will always remember. Since I was a youth, I have always walked through that cemetery on my way to the games. It is like its own part of the experience.

The game was great. The young team seemed to take on the persona of their new coach who seemed to orchestrate them from the sidelines. They were down by 20 at the half but chipped away all of the second half only to lose by 3. But, it was to the number 8 team in the nation so we all left feeling pretty good about them.

The next morning, we drove up to Albany. I dropped Trin off at the mall and drove to a small church where they were having the service for Frances Collister. I grew up with some of her daughters and met one of the daughters (Diana) husbands, Mark Purkey this last summer along with her two youngest sons. I enjoyed their company one of the days of the old Gilchrist reunion and a few days later, they all stopped into the diner and brought Mrs. Collister with them.

I remember her from my youth as being a friendly caring person but I did not really know her that well. I asked my mom about her and she said she did not know her that well as they were in different circles. I knew that they both were a part of the Christian Women's Association and I mused how I never realized that the women had circles. It makes sense, however, as things just don't change.

I was immediately taken by her when she came in to see me. Her spirit shown like few I have seen before. I knew that she had been struggling with cancer but she did not show any signs of it. A friendly, loving, caring nature seemed to emanate from her. The one real person to person experience of our lives had left a strong impression on me.

So, I drove the few miles north to support her family and ended up being filled from the experience. I listened to stories of her and photos of her life and as I sat in my spot over in the back of the room felt so honored to be able to share this experience. One told of her childhood where she was given a dime and bought flower seeds with it thus starting her love for flowers. In my head, the song 'Where have all the flowers gone' seemed to germinate from the story.

As I listened, I remembered my visit with her when she came in to the diner with her family and the stories only seemed to amplify the feeling that I had about her then. I only wished that I could have known her better.

Your life here on earth becomes your legacy for the future. Mrs. Collister left a very profound legacy. One that stays with me in the middle of the night. What will my life show of me when I am gone? What will they remember of me?

What will your legacy be?

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Anonymous said...

Lyle, your legacy is certain - a role model for a true man of God - in words and actions, year after year, your generosity and kindness toward countless people, your friendly smile.
Sleep well - for you are a good and faithful servant to our savior. Carol Freed