Monday, May 23, 2011

The Ocean

I go there nearly every quarter. It is my place to go for a break. There are many reasons that I like it there but the most is the relaxing powers of the ocean itself. We always get a place right on the beach, open up the windows, and let the ocean itself lull us to rest and sleep in a sort of Sense R Round. It is where I sleep the best and deepest.

First is the air, cleared by miles and miles of open ocean. No dust and dry particles as it creates a sort of natural humidifier.

But it is that sound. One that cannot be duplicated by any fancy sound device. I agree that some of our newer Surround Sounds can come close but nothing matches the real thing. It is like a huge choir backed by an even bigger orchestra.

When I am there, I often think of August Rush. I hear so much in those sounds and they seem to lift me, wrap me in their big arms, and rock me to sleep.

When I was there recently, I slept all of the night through. Well, at least most of the night. We had Mia with us. I would awake to two small paws on each side of my ear and a wet tongue licking me. "Mia, do you need to go outside?", I would ask. The reply was jumping up on top of me, looking down, and groaning. It is funny, she is Judy's dog except in the middle of the night.

But, shortly after we had gone out so she could do her business, I was back in the arms of the ocean. If we ever retire there, we need to find a place close enough to hear her.

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