Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ouch, it is already May

I cant believe how fast this year is going by. And we are already in to what will be a very busy month for the diner. Business is brisk and other than higher operating costs...ie food and gas, we seem to be having a good year. I remain very grateful to the locals who continue to support us.

We celebrated Cinco De Mayo today with Mexican feast, Jake's style. The waitresses all wore Sombreros to promote the buffet that included such things as Fajitas, Chile Relanos, Chile Verde, Nachos, and the like. It seemed to go over pretty well even though we are not that style of restaurant. I am sure that every Mexican restaurant in town today was packed.

Mothers day is coming fast and we will be giving away free coffee mugs again this year to the first 250 mothers. It was a hit last year and this year the printing on the mugs is pink. On Mothers day afternoon, People to People will be having a Mothers day tea with a buffet created by Jimmy and music by Richard and Ted Taelour. I got word today that over 60 people have purchased tickets so far. It should be very interesting seating them as our back room only seats 40. If it is a nice day, they will be flowing over on to the deck but I still see many of them having to sit in the main floor (which is now far and away the better place to sit anyway).

Coming up fast will be this years version of Race Day. This will be on the Wednesday prior to Memorial Day. The speedway and drag cars have already promised to show up and if it is good weather, we should easily fill the parking lot with them and our local cruisers. Jimmy will have his first big BBQ of the summer and our local band, "The Taelour Project" will be entertaining once more.

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally one of the busiest of the year and heralds the beginning of the busiest season, Summer.

To top off the month, we will be featured in the Dining Out in the Northwest radio show produced in Portland on May 31st. Judy and I will go up to Portland that day and at noon, we will the main part of their hour long radio program. I am wondering how they will find enough stuff to talk about to fill up an hour but my plans are to just answer questions and let the DJ worry about the content.

We are still trying to sell the old house along with my parents, Casey is moving to Alaska for the summer, Trinity looks to be moving home real soon from Portland, our grandson, Jayden, is right in the middle of spring soccer season with the "Jakes Diner Spyders" and will be a part of a Jakes entry in the Pole Pedal Paddle of which they have named their team, "Legend of Super Chicken Samurai" or something like that. So it sounds like a very busy month on the home front also.

Someone told me that the roses will be blooming here shortly. "Don't you think you should stop and smell them a little.", he quipped. Maybe in June as their is just no time this month.

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