Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I went to the blogger meet and greet

I had a pretty good time. Met up with Monkey outside before we went in. We both agreed that it was the best thing to do.....go in together and then we wouldn't get cold feet and not go in. I have really enjoyed getting to know Chris. He is a very smart and creative man. Just look at his site and you can see his creativity.

We walked in together and met up with some of the others while we headed up to the area that the restaurant had set aside for us. Someone said that I looked kind of like Duncan and I laughed and said well we are both native Bendites, the same age, and sport the same grey beards.

I came away with a few observations on the night.

1. I was the oldest one there. I asked if Duncan would show up and someone said, "no way". I wonder if that is because he is so much older also. Come on, Duncan, next time you can walk in with me and we can hold up the old farts corner of the table. I guess that I shouldn't be too surprised at the average age. Many people my age and older don't seem to get along real well with the computer. I have always been around one since graduating COCC back in the eighties with a computer science degree so I guess that might be a reason. I know quite a few older people who like to write so I hope that some will jump on the band wagon .

Another reason might be that the bar scene is more for the younger crowd. That makes sense also in that if I want to have a drink, I usually just have one at home. Just about the only time that you find me out like this is if there is a good game on that I cannot pick up on my TV at home.

2. I guess after reading the various blogs, I expected to see a greater difference in people but we all seemed to be very much alike. Everyone seemed to joke and laugh and enjoy each others company. I realized just what the blogs do. They take ordinary people and peel off their same exteriors exposing their true selves or personalities in special ways. I found myself fascinated by looking at the various bloggers and thinking of things that I had read from their writings and how that made them change and become extraordinary.

3. Did anyone really like those nachos. When we first looked upon them, we all oohed and awed over how large and tasty the plate looked. But when it was passed over to my table their had been very few bites off of it and when Monkey and I took a covered chip off, I took note that neither of us had any more. I don't want to be critical but it did need just a little more flavor.

4. BOR walked in with a toothpick in his mouth. We all asked him what restaurant he had just left but he wouldn't tell us. I guess we will just have to read his blog later.

5. I met Keeneye for the first time. I had always envisioned her with dark hair. I was surprised to see that she was a blond Haole or at least Hapa-Haole. She seemed to be the one, however, whose personality best matched her writing.

All in all, I enjoyed myself and was grateful to the Monkey for giving me the courage to go in. Maybe next time, I can do the same for Duncan. BTW, Duncan's dad called me over to his table yesterday. He wanted to show me the article on Duncan that was in Sundays paper. "I have this taped up on my door.", He said. "He is a good man.", I told George. "He is, isn't he.", George returned, "I am very proud of him.". "And so you should be.", I told him. When I left the table, George had a big grin on his face as he showed the rest of the Docs his precious article.

I left the greet and headed back to the shop to see what kind of progress the makeover guys had in finishing up the loose ends that are still out there from the remodel. The new TV was mounted up on the wall and can be seen from just about every table.

A few hot rodders had braved the cold to show off their cars. I look forward to the warm Wednesday nights this summer and the fun that we are going to have . Our first big BBQ is coming up fast on the Wednesday before Memorial Day. We call that night "Race Night" with raceway and drag cars setting on the lot next to our local cruisers. We will have our first big BBQ that night along with Richard Taelour and his band.

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Keeneye said...

It was great to meet you, Lyle. And yes, the company was much better than the nachos. :)

See you later today!