Tuesday, September 16, 2008

at the coast

I know that I have not posted much as of late but my life has been kinda hectic with lots of things happening. I am over in Lincoln City trying to put a grand prize package together for this years World Series of Holdem for Habitat.

I was hoping to make a deal with the Shilo Inn over here. I have $150 in Shilo script and was hoping to trade that for a voucher for a couple of nights here in Newport but with the manager there out sick, the assistant not only didnt seem interested but seemed annoyed that I ask....oh well.

We met a lady yesterday at Marine Discovery Tours that is kind of a kindred spirit with us in that she does alot here for the community. Before I could even finish up telling her what I wanted, she said, "Say no more, you can have two passes to our discovery tour.".

Lincoln City and Newport are so close that I think it will make sense to just stay with the Sandcastle here as the main prize along with the boat tour. They are much better and friendlier people to deal with and I would much rather stay there anyway that is why I still have the Shilo script in the first place. I guess I will use it for a final table prize or something.

Judy and I are set this afternoon to visit a White Wolf Sanctuary over here just inland from Walport this afternoon. I probably will talk with them and see if they are interested in a couple of passes there just to round out the big prize.

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