Sunday, October 26, 2008

The election is coming soon

We are less than two weeks away from what looks to be the most important election of our lives. No matter who wins, it will be unprecedented as two starkly contrasting figures vie for our vote. Who should you vote for? You should vote for the man who you feel will do the best for our country not just for you. You should understand what he desires to do and more importantly, how he desires to do it not just vote because you like the way that he looks or carries himself. You should look at the mans past and see what his various accomplishments are and how he voted on issues that are important to you and then look to see if they match what he is saying he will do. And then, you should vote your conscious.

To me, there are two main issues that I feel are the most important things that are pressing to our country at this time, our economy and our security.

Our economy, quite frankly, is ran by business. Business makes jobs that make money to purchase items that feed business. I know that is a very simplistic view of it all but I always was one to try to make it as simple as possible. As my college professors used to say, the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid. I have never seen where government has been able to generate business directly so if a candidate says that he will generate jobs, how will he do that? What policies or incentives does he propose to keep that business cycle rolling and do you think that his ideas will work and why? Remember, only a small few work for the government. The rest of us rely on business. If business is stifled, will you have a job to go to?

Our security, on the other hand, is controlled by our government. Who will do the most to make us safe? And, once again, how will they do what they say they will do? Our safety is secured by two levels. Our police and fire departments here to protect us directly and our military to protect our concerns both here and abroad. Personally, I put our National Guard somewhere in the middle and I would love to see them all come home to be prepared to protect us closer to home. Contrary to some belief, both of these are extremely important. We should appreciate them and the fact that they put their lives on the line daily to protect us but all to often, we make laws that tie their hands behind their backs and then complain when they cannot accomplish something because of that.

Which candidate will lead our protectors the best? Which one will build and keep their moral up? Which one will give them the resources to do their jobs or have them ready to protect us when and where we need it?

We are living in scary times with Physical and Financial dangers lurking around us all. Who will do the best to lead us through and keep us safe? We are just about to vote for the man who we feel will do so. Think wisely and make your vote count.


Keeneye said...

Ah. But you didn't say who YOU were voting for.... and the way your words are written you could be voting either way.

I steer away from public politics as well. Don't blame you for writing your blog post while sitting on a fence. :)

diner life said...

Ah. Yes, I meant it that way also. Am I sitting on the fence? No. I have my own ideas on which candidate would be best for us but in our line of business, stating them would not be prudent. At least if we want to keep our customers.

Besides, that is all about personal choice. I have always encouraged that people think for themselves. I get irritated when people of influence try to steer your vote based on their way of thinking.

The truth is no one knows for sure...they just think they do.