Monday, October 27, 2008

Elections part 2

The Lions club meets at our diner every Wednesday morning. So, for the past few weeks, various people striving to get votes to put them in office have been parading through. I can't blame them as you want to get as many people together at one time to help persuade them to vote for you.

What most of them don't realize, however, is that their are eight members of my crew that are on duty that morning that are voting also. And they show their true colors to them. I tend to hear about it later when I come to work. If they would just stop and recognise one of them, they would probably sway every vote. A simple, "Hi, I am ----- and I am running for ------ and I would sure like your vote would quickly garner them eight votes.

I asked them last Wednesday to give me the worst and the best and they were unison on this. The best was ____ ______. He was very polite to them. Saying "please" and "thank you". He also impressed the waitress when he told the Lions club that he would pick up his own tab. "This is what I do" was what I was told that he said.

The worst was _____ ______. They felt that she treated them like hired help or less respectful. Now, she could have been having a bad day. I am sure that she put on a good face for the Lions club members but this was the face that she evidently had for the crew.

Now, once again, I have no irons in the fire on this one. I am not sure of even their political affiliations. I am merely making an observation. And that is when one is running for public office they need to always be cognisant of one thing. They are always in the public eye. And that service employee, whether restaurant, motel, or whatever is a potential vote. And that one vote will often sway many votes. And could cause them the race.

I didn't ask for their opinion on all of the others and their are a couple of reasons for that. First, many of the others names were not remembered as only the best and the worst stuck in their mind. And more important, I am just merely trying to make a point.

I am not trying to sway voters on the issue and that is why I did not name names. If you want to know, email me or ask me in private and I will tell you, however.

And some of you may wonder why I am up so early again. Well, Casey is leaving again in a few hours. This time for Colorado. One of these times, his leaving will be more perminent and I know that. I had a good visit with him this time and my mind races with "Casey" thoughts. I will miss him.

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