Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank you

I just woke up and lay there thinking that this time last week, they were there working on breaking through my office door. I hear the wind outside howling and the rain on the window and am somewhat assured that they haven't come back. Bad guys are generally lazy and don't like going out in weather like this. You see, they can pick and choose.

I am incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support from the community in the last week. So many people have taken both Judy and I aside and expressed that support and anger over what happened. Over $100 has been handed to us, entrusting us with their money to fill the gap in the loss for Habitat for Humanity. My insurance man tells me that since it was in my care, that at least part of it should be covered there also.

This last week has been one of our busiest in a while and last nights four full tables of Holdem for Habitat brought in over $200. I apologised to the players prior to the play and assured them that lack of security would not happen again. Many of them told me privately that wasn't needed and assured me of their trust. I appreciate that.

A friend of mine stopped me last week and explained, "You are a genius. You give away $2000 and get over $10,000 in free advertising.". My lack of a come back led him to laugh and tell me that he knew that I wished it would have been under different circumstances. I was actually pondering the last part of his statement, however as nearly every media outlet in town covered what happened with KTVZ going live during the evening news.

He was also right with his next statement. No matter how much media coverage and support from friends and community, I wish it never happened. But it did. And now, the time has gone past....and the phone has not rang....and I need to go back to sleep....and get back to business...and back to my life.

Thank you all so much.


Jen F said...

I'm still really angry about this, but glad that at least maybe it's bringing the community together. Hang in there!

diner life said...

Yesterday, over $100 more in cash was just handed to me by customers.

This shows me two things. Both of them important.

They care and they trust me. The latter holds great importance to me since I kind of felt that I had defiled trust by not taking care of the initial donations better.