Sunday, October 24, 2010


Now, I didn't eat any chips at all last night, so why am I awake? Who knows.

Saturday was a good day. It started off watching Jay play soccer. I love watching him play in sports. He was put in goal to start off the game and shortly after the start, the other team got a break away. They came quickly at the goal and the shot was from feet in front of him, not allowing for any blocks. His team quickly made up the score and a defensive battle ensued. Midway through the second half, Jay was placed back in the goal. He blocked two or three very close goals while his counter part did the same. But, with only seconds left, the other team got another break away and with blinding speed, shot the goal past his outstretched hand. At first, he took the loss on his shoulders but with his coaches help, made the realization that no one could have blocked either goal.

Business was brisk leaving little time to do anything other than get food out, tables clean, coffee poured, and people greeted not in that order. Judy showed up for much needed help and before we knew it, it was time for us to go to our friend, Bob Maxwell's surprise 90th birthday party. I never cease to be amazed by Bob. He is the only living Medal of Honor recipient living in Oregon, but is also one of the most humble men that I know. Representative Gene Whisnet showed up and I got to meet and visit with him but the most impacting time for me was when Bob's family ask Judy and I to join them in Bob's pictures taken to remember his birthday. I remember feeling so unworthy but so warm by that reception.

We left the party as Trin needed to go to work leaving Jay alone at the house. That and I needed to secure the swamp cooler hearing that the next couple of days might bring some chilly temperatures.

That done, I joined Jay to watch as Missouri beat up on Oklahoma and we rejoiced with the thought of Oregon bouncing to the top of the BCS.....that is until I started looking at the figures and did my own analysis that Auburn will probably take the top spot away from them. With Auburn beating the third best defense in the nation, the computers will be shooting them up and with LSU and Oklahoma out of the way, they (Auburn) will probably jump Boise State in the other polls due to their inactivity. Trin grumbled as I showed her my thoughts. Once again, Oregon will lead all of the polls taken from human analysis but will drop in the BCS because of random machine numbers on programs made by men who probably don't even know what a spread offense is. Oh well, what matters is two things, who is at the top two on December 5th and who wins in the championship.

Who is the best team in the nation? What do you and Whitey think, Kina? Are you as blinded by your present closeness to Boise as my brother, Rudy, is who now lives in Idaho. Are you green with envy or blue from being overlooked? I am enjoying this football season.

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keeneye said...

Wouldn't it be great to watch Boise vs. Oregon? If you put a wild Bronc and a rabid Duck in a pen, who would come out alive?

My money's on the Bronc. ;o)