Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Game

I was driving over to pick up Jay from school, when a call came through. "Hey Lyle, it's Mike....Mike Genna. Hey, I have a friend who has tickets to the game tomorrow in the new Mathew Knight arena. You leave from the Duck store on the bus at 9AM, watch the game and head home at are back by dinner. What do you say?"

"Say that again?", I asked.

Mike repeats it but adds on a bit this time. "The cost is only $60 and I think I can get him to trade for it.".

"I don't know what to say.", I state and Mike quickly returns, "You say Yes.". Mike, like his dad, Vince, who got the local baseball stadium built amongst other things, is a mover and shaker. I work together with him on raising money for the Bend Heroes Foundation sending WW2 vets to Washington DC on the Honor Flights. Mike is a jovial, likable guy who gets things done.

"Can I call you back, Mike?", I asked. "Sure, but don't take too long, these tickets won't last.".

I asked if he could get two and he said that he could probably swing something so I told him I would call him right back.

I called Carrie and asked her if she wanted to go. I know she could not afford it and figured on sending her and Jay. She got immediately excited so, like Mike, I said I told her that I would get right back. I called Mike and asked him to start working on two tickets and he said he would.

When he called back, Jay was in the car and could hear the conversation on the Bluetooth. "I can get you two tickets from a local friend but he wants $120 cash for them.", Mike said. I told him that I thought I would pass and thanked him for all of his trouble.

"Were those tickets to the Washington game?", Jay asked, "I would love to go!". "Yes, but I can't afford that, son.", I said. "Oh, OK.", he replied.

The inner me started talking in my head as we drove to the house. I knew Carrie wanted to do something special with Jay this weekend and I also know her budget as a single mom didn't afford for the game. I knew what I needed to do.

We arrived at the house and found Judy on the computer. I kissed her and whispered in her ear. "Hey, do you mind if I take the kids to the game in Eugene tomorrow". "I guess that means you want me to work.", she replied. I told her she could just remain on standby if they got real busy and she laughed, "Of course, go ahead. Not that you need my permission.".

I went back down to help out with supper and secured three general admission tickets online and called Carrie up to inform her. I told her I would pick her up at 8AM and she said we will leave the surprise for Jay until then. I go in the morning. On an adventure with Carrie and Jayden. We will leave early since I have no idea when the new arena opens up and we want to be there early to get the best seats possible.

Funny how things change with one phone call.

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SkippyMom said...

Grandpa GET IT BED!

Sounds like a grand time and can't wait to hear all about it. So much fun.

We luck out a few times a year and receive Nationals [baseball] tickets from my husband's boss - we couldn't afford it otherwise....and it is a thrill for all of us.

Have a blast!