Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you look at my posts, you will see that most of them have been written in the middle of the night. 2 to 3 Am to be exact. There in lies the reason why I have not had many posts lately. Time is always a problem but I shall try to continue even though I probably won't have as many as before.

My lack of being able to sleep caught up with me while I was away on vacation and caused me some problems, so I have been trying to stay asleep no matter what. Then, when I am away, I should be able to sleep all night then also.

Judy and I went on a drive the other day with our friends from the Model A club. It was a great time past Mt Bachelor, visiting Cultus Lake and Crane Prairie. We finished our trip in Sunriver at a restaurant there. I will not name the restaurant as I don't want to smear another knowing that I would not want anything detrimental written about mine.

The couple who had set up the ride had attempted to make reservations at the restaurant and were told that they did not allow them. They were trying to give them a heads up that 20-24 people would be showing up. Even with the number, they were refused any reservations or accommodations.

So, we showed up at the restaurant and attempted to sit as close to one another as we could. All of us were able to collect on one side of the floor. Then we realized that one of the couples had not arrived yet.

There was no room for another couple on any of the tables and we were sitting at an 8 top, so when the couple came in the door, we got up and joined them. There was another long table at the front of the restaurant that was open so we sat at that table. We were told that we could not sit there. When asked why, we were told that it was reserved.

"Reserved?", I asked, "I thought you did not take reservations.". He looked at me uncaring and said, "It is reserved.". Judy noticed another table getting up so we took it instead. As the same man cleaned off the table, I tried to tell him that we were with the group on the other side of the room. "We are with all of them.", I told him.

Once again, with uncaring eyes, he looked at me and said, "No, you are with me, would you like anything to drink?". So, we ordered.

I am not sure if it was because of my previous complaint/comment but our order was taken quite quickly as if our waiter wanted to expedite our time with him. Before we knew it, our food was hot and ready in front of us.

We ate and conversed and as I looked around, I noticed that none of the others had gotten their food yet. I teased one of my friends by raising my full fork and placing the culinary delight in my mouth with a smile.

We actually finished all of our food and had the checks while the others were still waiting, munching on the pre-meal nibbles that the restaurant served up.

I paid my check and then decided to rub it in just a bit so I walked over to a friends table with a toothpick in my mouth. "I knew the cook", I said, "Professional courtesy.".

Now while that was a bit of fun and games for me, I wondered how they actually felt about the service at this restaurant and logged that down in my memory bank for things to look for at my own.

First off, reservations. We have a similar policy but when they are large groups, we always try to prepare ourselves for them. It only makes sense in the long run as you wish to have these groups and they want to sit together.

Secondly, I have to always try and be cognisant of who is in the diner first. There is nothing more frustrating than watching someone come in the door after you and then while you are waiting for your food, seeing them being served in front of you.

There is no perfect restaurant and thus no perfect service....but, it does give me more things to look at as I scan the floor. The ultimate responsibility lies with me. After all, the buck does need to stop somewhere.

For all of you who have been watching for another post, Thanks. I will try and keep some more coming to you. And thanks just for reading.

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SkippyMom said...

Nice to see you.

Weird they would have "reserved" but not "reservations." Well - guess it is owners choice as you so graciously pointed out.

Take care and hope you are feeling good these days. Get some sleep. :) [Says your east coast buddy who is up at 5 am and has been awake since 6 am yesterday. giggle.....Insomniacs, gotta' love us.]