Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An Answer....or A Rant

Whether Dem or Rep, the answer to our dilemma is that we must work to become more solvent. That means we must either raise more money or cut our expenditures. That seems to be the focus of the two sides.

Now, can we look at this logically. There seems to be tons (and I should capitalize TONS) of excess spending in our present budget that we can start weeding out. The problem there is that those heavy amounts of money seem to be protected by special interests who in turn provide the excess money that allows the politician to get his needed votes.

I would plead with those same politicians to do the right thing. That means you might not be in power very long. But, you will be able to lay your head down on the pillow at the end of the day and say 'Well Done'. You might even find that your constituents may be so happy with you that they will vote you back anyway. That is if the media gives you your just due (and that might be a stretch).

Please, stay away from Social Security and Medicare. Stop borrowing from those funds and put in place an avenue to begin returning the money that has been borrowed in the past. THESE ARE NOT PARTS OF YOUR BUDGET OTHER THAN DEBTS THAT YOU OWE!

Now to raising taxes. Raising taxes in a recession? Considering a person or persons who make over $250,000 rich is scary. I think that level should be raised much higher. There is a reason for my thoughts. As a small businessman, I don't get close to that amount, but if inflation begins to raise it's ugly head and with the present situation, that is not out of reason, it will affect me as it affects others. That means in order for us to survive with our businesses, we will have to trim down even more which means less employees and more unemployment. Can you see where all that will go?

Now, I don't have an answer to how to judge that amount, but it seems to me that there might be a way to factor in inflation into it. That would certainly make it more viable but does not answer another question. Where is the incentive? There are persons out there who wish to make their later lives more comfortable so they bust their butts during their lives to make what they feel is the needed nest egg.

I agree that there are people who need help. I also agree that the only people that they can truly count on to give them that help is not the rich and not the poor. The rich will just find more ways to protect their riches and the poor don't have anything to give. That leaves it up to the rest of us.

But, is giving your purse strings to the government what you really want to do? After all, is there a program (EVER) that they have truly made profitable?

I don't have all of the answers but this I know, they (the people in our political system) don't seem to have any. It seems to me that what I learned in economics in college is unfolding right in front of my eyes. It was a statement made by (I believe) a communist. He said that democracy will work until the people vote in the persons who will give them the most.

Do the right thing, Washington. Make the hard decisions and start running this country like a good business. Make our future sustainable. Please.

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Anonymous said...

Very well said! I so agree, especially the statement you noted "democracy will work until the people vote in the persons who will give them the most."! Less Government will be our only salvation I feel. We need to give more power to the States & out of the hands of the government! Who knows better what our state, schools & local government needs, better than themselves! The Federal Government sure doesn't, so they certainly shouldn't be forcing themselves into the private sectors! Thank you for making your views known however, for the "people" to really be heard...we need to step up & squeek our wheels at the government/state levels by contacting our Senators, legislators, State Reps etc. That will be the only way to make a meaningful "Change" in our government! Raising taxes will only hurt all of us but raising taxes on the rich ($250,000 does not constitute rich in my book either)will also destroy jobs & job creations! Something this economy sorely needs! This country was founded on small businesses, the way I see it is the government today is trying their darndest to run them out of this country...hence taking OUR jobs abroad! When will we wake up & vote someone with "experience" of government into the white house for a "Change"?! Thank you for allowing me to "rant" on your blog. Here's hoping we all DON'T go into bankruptcy! D.S.