Thursday, July 19, 2007

Jake's Truck Stop......the movie

Few people are aware that a movie was filmed at the end of truck stop era here in Bend.

A year or so before the truck stop closed, a lady named Shelly Roby stopped by to see me with an idea to film a documentary on the day of the life of a truck stop. Shelly had quite a resume including producing for HGTV and MTV along with working with Opra and Don Johnson. When the truck stop began to sell, she changed gears and began to film on it's effect on the employees and customers.

"Jake's Truck Stop" is about 50% how it affected people and 50%, my struggle to keep the diner alive. It is about an hour in length.

Because of other commitments, Shelly had to back burner the project while she helped put together a TV station in England for Al Gore. But she recently emailed me and told me that she was about to finish the project and hoped to show it at McMennimans sometime in August and then later take it on the road to various truck stops across the nation.

Shelly has a web site put together by a local guy called If I get any further information on when the movie is to be shown, I will post it here on my blog.

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