Monday, July 23, 2007

Shari's South

I have always attempted to remain positive but there is an issue that I need to resolve that pulls at me in the middle of this night so I thought I might throw it out for thoughts and ideas of any one reading this.

I have been aware for awhile of the manager of Shari's south coming in my restaurant and attempting to persuade any good new hire to come work for him. I have basically ignored his efforts and have actually felt a little honored that someone who think highly enough of my recruiting to do so.

But, now it seems that he may have actually persuaded one or at least has her thinking. His offer was to give her weekend day shift which is the most sought after position for a waitress who wants to make money.

Now, to me I see that he must have big problems or he wouldn't have that position open or some unsuspecting waitress is about to lose her job to fill her position with a better salesperson. I see that but it is not what a young unsuspecting waitress might see. After all, she is trying to do the best she can for her family.

Now, I must decide how to address the situation. Do I continue to ignore him or confront him and even tell him to leave and not come back. Another option would be to do the same thing he is doing but to me the tactics are underhanded and stooping to that would only show hypocrisy on my part.

I am leaning towards the confrontation as I cannot imagine a manager of any team allowing another manager to come on his own field and attempt to recruit his players.

I understand that his normal fishing expeditions are on Monday nights so if he comes in tonight, I need to have decided what course of action to take.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


Elise Michaels Media said...

Well, Lyle, I know you're a great guy to work for and you have loyal employees for a reason. You might want to just sit down with her and let her know how much you like her on your team and that what the guy is doing tells a lot about his character. And then, I would certainly get in that manager's face to let him know you know what he's doing and need him to not come back again.

Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

I agree with LOTFS, but I'd also add in "IT'S SHARI'S!!".

Who want's to waitress at Shari's in Sister's over Jake's in Bend? Unless this waitress lives in Sisters, then maybe it's a better fit for her with gas prices and all.

I'd also refuse service to him. No sense allowing another lion into the den...doesn't make sense to me.

Keeneye said...

If your employee is willing to leave, they're not happy.

During your next employee meeting, mention the "recruitment" by Shari's, and ask for your employee's thoughts. Ask what might be tempting, and try to match it. If not, so be it.

If they have a better offer, they should take it. You would.

Oh, and tell the Shari's manager that his coffee is on the house. Tell him you know he's still "working" and you respect someone who works as hard as you do.

(have to get your digs in somehow)