Sunday, July 8, 2007

Krazy Kent

I witnessed the launch of "Bend's Baloon Man" from the parking lot of his business (Shell Stop and Go) this morning.

Very calm and with no fan fare, Kent merely said, "See you in Idaho.", as his chair attached to all of the balloons rose into the sky. At first, it changed directions and the wind currents at various levels pushed him back and forth but then he started off in an easterly direction fading from sight.

I understand that he landed somewhere between Baker City and Lagrande....all in all sounds like a grand flight.

Well done, Krazy Kent!!

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Keeneye said...

NO WAY! I was driving to La Grande yesterday on I84 from Baker City, and saw this contraption in the air.

I thought it was too large to be just a bunch of loose balloons, and thought maybe it was a freaky-looking weather balloon.

What a trip to read about it on your blog! And now I don't sound so crazy after describing it to my husband last night....