Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Musicians Needed

Are you looking for something really neat to do this holiday season for someone else? Do you have a free hour on Thanksgiving afternoon?

Then consider joining us for Jake's Third Annual Senior Thanksgiving Feast. Our goal is to be the family for seniors in the area who for whatever reason don't have theirs around. Last year we served over 200 seniors an "at cost" meal served by an all volunteer staff. All tips given for the day are collected and given to the Salvation Army for use in the Holiday for needy people in the area. Last year, we collected around $350.

Here is how it works:

Jake's shuts down for normal operations on Thanksgiving. This allows for our employees who wish to to be with their families. Jim, our Chef, along with kitchen volunteers, prepares an old fashion Thanksgiving meal. Reservations are taken weeks in advance setting places for 50 seniors per hour allowing for a comfortable hour long food and entertainment event. One of our counters is cleared off and set with Finger Foods and Salads while the other is set for Pies. The seniors come up and get what they want of the finger foods and salads and then are served by another volunteer their main course of a choice of Turkey or Ham, Mash Potatoes, Stuffing, and Vegetable along with their choice of beverage. To top off the meal, they are served their choice of a wide variety of pie for desert.

Here is where the Musicians come in. While they are being served their meals, they are also being sang to by a volunteer musician. You can either sit in the corner and perform or walk amongst the guests. Acoustic is preferred and you will not need an amp.

What I can offer you in return is a huge Thanksgiving meal that you can eat with us or take with you and the great feeling that you will get from entertaining the seniors. We have lost one of our musicians from last year and are hopeful but have not verified that the Singing Sousas will return (they have entertained both of the first two years).

Think it over and if you are interested, call me at 419-6021

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