Wednesday, October 3, 2007

World Series of Holdem for Habitat Results

Wow, I am tired. I didnt realize how much energy I was putting into this thing until it was over. I had been fighting a bug of some sorts the last few days but taking mega amounts of echanachia and running on adrenaline the last few days, we have finally come to the end of this big event. In the middle of the event last night, I began to shake and thought that it was just my blood sugar so I ate a cheese sandwich to bolster that up but right afterwards when cleaning up, I felt very drained. I went home and soaked in a bath while drinking a cold beer and then crawled into bed. A couple of hours later when my wife came to bed, I awoke and realized that my heart was pounding and as I lay there, felt a feeling that I have felt before. My 55 year old body was telling me that I had pushed it too far again. I stuggled for half a night before I was able to calm it back down enough to sleep (maybe I should take yoga or something). Anyway, Judy went off to run the restaurant this morning and I slept in until now. Enough on that, on to the good stuff.

Yesterday started off with a check of the Z21 news and when I saw that they had put my name and number up on the screen, I knew that I would be getting a few calls during the day. I jumped in the shower knowing that shortly, my buddy RL from KSJJ would be calling for an update and figuring that I had the time for a quick shower before that happened. Right after a quick soap up, the phone rang. I quickly turned off the water and grabbed the phone that nearly squirted out of my soapy hand and standing in the shower, all suds up, I gave the interview. I realize for anyone who heard it, I have probably just just totally grossed you out.

After getting ready, I had not even made to the car before the first call came and I began endless explanations of how they could not play in this tourney but we do this every Monday so please join us.

The first caller asked me where we played. "Jake's", I answered. "Where?" she asked again. "Jake's", I again said. "But they are closed down!" she explained surprised. "Not yet." I answered and then heard someone on her end of the line explaining to her where we were at. It is funny. It has been three years and still some people think we are closed.

The day was somewhat of a blur with last minute details tied in with normal operations and duties of the diner. I was very glad when my buddy Frank showed up around 5:30 as I was able to turn over the duties to him so that I could help out the waitresses in the diner which was very busy especially for a Tuesday night. Our third partner, Richard showed up with his team from American Legion that would help control blind raises and cash in chips when they were raised but was somewhat disappointed when no one from Habitat showed up. One of our regular players, Conche, was the man who took us over $8000 and was awarded two free meals for his endevour.

With a few thank yous and introductions, the game began. Everyone wore a name tag with a star for every previous win that they had. At our prize table sat the variety of prizes and the coveted gold hat for the winner.

Twenty nine players started in the game. By my figures, that took us to $8190 for our grand total. My son, Casey, who was the winner of the previous big tourney that we had back in June, was the first person out. Shortly behind him went Brice, the self proclaimed only undefeated player. (He only played once and won)

I was playing pretty steady with my chip count rising the same. I remember one hand where a guy across from me pushed the bet up substantially. I had a pretty good hand and stared at him wondering what one of the pros would do. What would they look for? He glance over at me and dropped his eyes as he saw my stare. Wow, could that be it? Could that be the tell that shows he is bluffing. I quickly pushed in my chips and called his bluff. Maybe it was going to be my night.

The blinds went up a few times and I found my self in the small blinds with a jack/eight. I limped in and ended up with only me and the big blind, Stan. On the flop came another Jack and another Eight. I checked to Stan who quickly bet and I called. On the turn came another Jack (I had my full house). But I wanted more chips so I checked to Stan who once again bet and I called. On the river came a King. I studied the cards on the table over and over. There was a possibility of a flush but I had that beat. The only pocket that could beat me was pocket Kings or a Jack/King and three of the Jacks were already up. With confidence, i pushed all in. Stan followed and I slammed down my pocket. "A full house!", I yelled. Stan slowly flipped over his Jack/King to my total shock. Left with only enough to cover the blinds and a King/Queen in my pocket, I played the next hand and was beaten by Four Sevens! I believe I ended up in 15 or 16th place.

As I played, I watched what I felt were my favorite players playing side by side. Leslie James and my fellow blogger, Monkeyinabox (I will let him divulge his name if he wishes.). At their table was the youngest player in the game, the surprising 12 yr old Issac (Stan's grandson). I had looked up the law on this and made a few phone calls and since there is no money won, it is kind of like when a bowling alley rewards coupons that the kids cash in for prizes. Issac has already showed us his ability to play by winning a previous tourney.

I watched as the final table became set with Leslie (whos shocking all ins had held her up all night), Monkey, and Issac joined up with father and son, Bob and Rob Head (who love to get into your head), Jimmy (the exbarber), Brian, and Mike. Mike then Jimmy and then Brian went out, leaving the trio up against the duo Heads. Surprisingly, Rob took out his dad and then was taken our shortly thereafter by the kid, Issac. That left the trio that I had been watching all night. Monkey was the first to drop and shortly thereafter, the kid took out Leslie. Yes, the first World Series of Holdem for Habitat was won by a 12 year old boy who will enjoy the coast with his parents compliments of the Sandcastle Motel and Jake's. Unbelieveable


Elise Michaels Media said...

I learned my lesson playing poker against Leslie James years ago. That girl is BOLD. The queen of bluffing and she'll leave you jaw dropped wondering what happened when you realize she's won all your chips. If you see her sit down at your table, run. As fast as you can while you still have money. She is GOOD.

diner life said...

Yes, Leslie is a bold player. Tim, her hubby is pretty good also. The Bulletin called me this afternoon and want to do a feature story on young Issac this weekend. He is a pretty sharp kid. I watched him throw down aces and eights when he felt the other guy had him and he was right. Leslie will probably no hear that last of that one, but bottom line was all the rest of us went out before her.

Unknown said...

For the record I was sitting next to Leslie the ENTIRE tournament and she was not a force. ;) She limped along and caught more miracle all-ins than McDonalds sells Hamburgers (and neither are were very good ones at that).

I was very impressed and mystified by Issacs play. He called stuff so fast and rarely raised. He was a bit of a gambler and when I pushed all-in against him I should have expected him to call.

I made the mistake of not pushing them harder at the first table. I knew that would come back to haunt me later.

Overall, it was a blast. I will be back. My schedule over the next two months is pretty tight on Mondays, so I will be there when i can. ALL-IN!