Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What it feels like to be robbed

They didnt get much so I guess I should be thankful and count my blessings. I have also found a couple of weak links in my security that I have fixed. But that does not take away from the weird feeling that you get when someone destroys your property and breaks into your space.

Sunday morning around 12:30, the security company called me and alerted me that one of my alarms had gone off. At first, I thought that I had just screwed up and not set things properly since I was the one who closed up that night so I told them to not worry about calling the police. They told me to be careful and I said, no problem. But as I raced down to the diner, I began wondering. As I got closer, I punched 911 into my cell and prepared to hit send, when I saw the police. They had already been called and had beaten me to the scene. They asked me to stay in my car until they were sure that the area was secure.

I am so thankful for the Bend PD who were on the scene so quickly. We took a look at the security cameras and watched the hooded bandit casually cut the chain on the fence and just as casually the lock on the freezer. He walked into the freezer, picked up a box and walked out in no hurry. Twice, he came back and was probably walking back for a fourth load when he saw the police arriving. His car was parked in the trailer park behind the diner and he got in his car and slowly drove away just like he was leaving a friends house. He was so casual, that he looked normal to the police who although took note of the type of vehicle, did not get the liscense. After bringing in the K9 unit, the dog walked them over to where the car had been parked.

Both Judy and I slept little that night. We werent worried about what we had lost as much as the horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach that some one had done what they had done. For crying out loud, if they were hungry, I would have probably given them food. You really have to have it happen to understand the feeling. It is certainly not a feeling that anyone would want to have.

But I did learn a valuable lesson on how secure we really were. Immediate steps were taken to rectify the situation and I can only hope that the man on the video is caught soon.


Bend Oregon Restaurants said...

Sorry to hear about it. I hope that suckah gets caught.


Keeneye said...

I'm guessing that they stole your meats (?) Maybe you should take out an ad in the Bulletin saying "Has your neighbor been bbq'ing steaks every night for the last week? Let Jake's Diner know about it!"

I am SO sorry to hear that this happened. How scary, and how how angry you must be! I double and triple-check my locks and alarms at night, but I know that any fool can break a window and still get into our place.