Monday, October 1, 2007

World Series of Holdem for Habitat first night

I spent most of the day either promoting and getting prizes for tomorrow nights event and as the hour go closer, I set the back room up for tonights preliminary event: The Prequalification Tourney. Leslie James (from the Twins) showed up with her husband and as the time grew closer more and more other players showed up. We ended up with four tables. Each having three previous winners who could not win tonight but would make the play more competitive.

Keisha Burns from KTVZ showed up and filmed the first part of the event. I was hoping she would play also but was quite happy and honored to have her there and to know that we would be on the news. Joe (formerly of Fox and now KOHD) showed up to play as a previous winner also.

At the last minute players asked Frank and I to play also so we obliged, sat at tables, and the play began. Since Richard and John from the American Legion were there for blind raises, we were free to play. Richard and John were representing the Operation Home Build that the funds will be targeted to.

All you girls will be happy to know that two of the four qualifiers were women and for all you bloggers, one qualifier is a blogger (monkeyinabox). The night was quite fun and finished quicker than normal as all of the tables played as a final table.

Tomorrow's event should be great with three to four tables and some great prizes from Jake's, Printer Resources, Kings Razor, Lava Lanes, Shell Stop and Go, and of course the grand prize from the Sandcastle Motel in Lincoln City. Just before we started, we were informed that the Chinook Winds Casino in Lincoln City had donated two dinners to the pot and we decided to add those to the grand prize.

Congratulations to the qualifiers and a special thanks to all of the businesses that support us. Tomorrow night will be a great success and will bring our grand total to over $8000 raised for Habitat.

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