Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jay, the fisherman

When Jay gets something stuck in his mind, he does not just think about it, he totally immerses himself in the thought. He studies it, writes notes about it, and almost takes it in his brain like air into his lungs.

Right now, Jay's thing is fish. He has decided that Judy and I are going to buy a fish tank and that he is going to stock it. He got online and learned the best fish, can tell you what they look like, what they eat, and all of their traits. Friday night, when Jay helped us cater the Police Chaplain's annual dinner, as we drove back and forth to deliver and replenish supplies, he went over these with me. I figure out an approximate cost of all of the fish that he wanted as close to $400. He said, "Papa, I will buy them.". "So, where are you going to get the money?", I asked. "I am not going to get them all at once.", he replied.

Later, after we had finished serving and were eating our own supper, he asked me if he could spend the night. I said that I worked in the morning and that if he did, he would need to help. He said, "Sure, but I think I need a raise.". I could see where that one was going. His mind was figuring out how he was going to buy the fish. "And Papa, after work, you and I are going fishing.", he said. I looked at him and said, "We are?". He quickly rebounded with "Papa, would you take me fishing after work tomorrow?". Now, I have stated from a previous post why fishing is not my favorite sport but also how I will do anything for that young man and fishing is a good time to talk so I agreed.

When he arrived at work with his Nanny the next morning, he also had his fishing pole. He could not find his tackle box but I assured him we could find it after work. Around noon, a knock came to the door of my office. "I think it is time to clean up.", he stated with a big smile. I sent him back out and told him I would look at the situation shortly. Soon, he was helping the bussers with their clean up. We grabbed a quick lunch and were off.

With his pole and found tackle box, we headed off to Shevlin Park where I had joined his class just a couple of weeks ago in a fishing field trip. We found a good place on the side of the pond, put some power bait on his hook and commenced fishing. His patience waned as no fish even bothered to nibble and we soon found new spots along the side and tried out different baits. We watched as others caught fish all around us and soon realized that worms were the best bait. A man and his daughter seemed to be having some pretty good luck across from us, so we moved close to them. They offered us a worm and soon, Jay had his first nibble. He was still a bit frustrated that he was not catching anything while the others seemed to be reeling in right and left. His eyes lit up with his first catch. "Can I keep it?", he asked. "Why?" came my reply. "I want to mount it on my wall." he stated. "I really don't think your mom would be into that.", I said, "just name it and release it.". Tom was soon released and our bait reset. As one dad left, he gave us his remaining worms so we were set for bait.

Others had left our spot but we could still see the school of fish as they gathered in the bottom of the middle of the pond and I had an idea. I increased the length between the bobber and the hook, letting the line sink lower towards the school. We cast back out and before we even had time to taut the line, the fish were biting. One after another were reeled in, named, and released. Bob, Jerry, Gary, Fred amongst others were greeted, thrown back, and told to be more careful the next time. In a very short period of time, 10 fish were caught. "Actually, I think we caught 9. I am pretty sure we caught Jerry twice.", he stated. We walked around to our friend who had helped us, thanked him, and informed him of how our school was biting. When we left, he was casting out in the same area.

Tired and happy, we left and drove home. He retrieved the flower that he had talked Jim Crowley into to the night before that was left behind on one of the tables at the Chaplaincy event and drove back to his house where he gave it to his mom for Mothers day. He did not tell her of the worm that he place in the pot prior to, however. "The worm will keep the soil fertilized.", he stated. I can just see Carrie's face as she reads this and rushes over to see if she can figure out how to get that worm out of her house. Happy Mothers Day Sweetheart!

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