Monday, May 31, 2010

An extreme week

I think this last week has been one of the busiest that I have felt in a while. Every day seemed to have it's unique twist or event and I always seemed to be on the move from when my feet hit the floor till my head hit the pillow. I can only attempt to recap the best that I can.

Monday. I was late setting up for the Band of Brothers which threw me behind but we got the event off on time and Zin did his usual great job as MC. I really appreciate that big marine. Afterwards, Judy and I swung by Kevin's house and looked at his 55 gallon fish tank. It seemed perfect for Jayden and we called Casey to help move it over to the house. At last Friday's doctor appointment, the doc found a lump in my abdomen. She wanted blood work done and told me not to lift anything heavy till that blood work had come through positive. I was not going to tell Judy till the results came through but she soon realized something was wrong when I did not want to lift the tank. She and I drove down to Lava Lanes to see Frank and his crew as they practiced for Saturday's tourney for the Wall. We also met Zin there and Zin agreed to help take the tank to the house. I did not practice myself because of the weight of the ball. We picked up Jayden from school, then drove back to the diner where we picked up Zin and Casey and went to get the tank. Jay's eyes lit up when he realized that this was going to be his tank. He was so excited. After taking it to the house, I drove back down to the diner and made ready for the evenings poker tourney. I played well again and ended up in third place. With three players left, I thought I was making my move. I had pocket aces and chose to try and cripple my buddy, Dave. With all small cards up, I went all in after the turn. An old poker pros words were ringing in my ear. "Never let them see the river". But, it was too late, Dave had hit his straight on the turn. So, instead of having the chip lead, I was out. I went home afterwards and watched the last show of 24. Like Lost the night before, it left me with so many questions.

Tuesday had no event but I always seemed to be on the run. As I look back to it, I don't recall any specific remembrances but I was able to help Judy get the now cleaned up tank into the living room. Judy and I took Jay to the pet store to look at plants and things for the tank. We found the best filter and heater for it and I put both of those things into the tank. Jay had a Lacrosse game and I went and watched but left early to make it to the VVA meeting to talk of July 4th when we host the BBQ for them. One of the guys asked me to share of my experience with Lynn (the lady from Vietnam) and I gladly spoke of how it made me feel. As I talked, I realized that some of the guys really understood how much impact something like that had. So many of us still struggle with what happened after the war and good stories like that are always helpful with that healing.

Wednesday was the day of our big event of the week. Race Night was started four years ago when Jerry Bugge came to me and asked if we could do something to promote the Madras Drags where he races. I contacted the speedway also and they jumped on board and Race Night was formed. Last year, it had been so huge that cars were parked all the way to the street on both sides. The weather did not look promising so I decided on a positive spin and wore my shorts. The day started out with the Model A club who meets at the diner every Wednesday. After breakfast with the boys, I drove to the Elks club to help one of them out who wanted me to talk to their kitchen manager and give him some pointers. I found that the manager was doing a very good job with what he had in front of him and hopefully helped the Elk board realize that. All day long, I told people the weather was going to be great and when Clemens from KTVZ called and asked if we were interested in the TV station doing the weather at the event, I became excited that the event was going to be a good one regardless of the weather. Before I knew it, it was after 4 and the cars were rolling in. Clemens showed up with the microwave truck and the closer the event, the more my adrenaline rose. When one of the events happen, I want everything to be perfect so end up running around in circles a bit. I had placed my A on the road with signs on the back and so I brought it in and placed it in the line along with the others. The band showed up and we quickly decided to set up on the deck where it was drier. The keyboardist, twice Grammy award winner Andy had a very expensive keyboard and we were concerned of the possible rain. Jeff, the drummer who sometimes drums for Meryl Haggard showed up and soon the Taelour project was singing the blues. Jimmy had the BBQ ready right on time and I worried at the lack of participants as we seemed to have the Model A's, the dragsters, the speedsters, and just a few locals and lookers. In the middle of it all, I received a call from my doctor at the VA. I had two more small spots that need to be removed. She stressed that they were very early stage Melanoma which made me feel better. I asked of the blood work and she said that it was positive. That made the lump in my stomach not a real problem but she had contacted my main doctor and said that it still should be looked at. Six O'clock came and so did the rain and hail. I stood out front under the roof watching the cars get pelted. Ben, the KTVZ weatherman was under an umbrella making ready for his first shoot and Clemens had the camera wrapped up tight with only the lens showing outwards. Jimmy, the ultimate jester as he BBQ ed yelled out, "What the hail is this!" which brought out laughter from all around. The weather subsided and with the blue sky came customers. They had seen us on the news and decided to come on out. So, KTVZ turned my BBQ from a loss to a pretty good night. I left sometime around 9, exhausted. I felt real bad for Kara, our pregnant waitress who seemed equally tired and asked Kevin the cook to make sure he helped her out in getting things ready for the next day. I drew a bath, soaked for a bit, and then curled up into my much appreciated bed.

You know, I could go on and on and fill up the space on this virtual page with event after event but just these three days will give you an idea of my present day life and why I have not posted that much lately. Maybe I should try and post daily but my reason for not is rather clear and simple. I don't want to bore anyone with just trivial facts.

Thanksgiving is a half year away but we should not wait for a day. We should be thankful every day for our daily sustenance, our house that protects us, our car that gives us transportation, our jobs that allow us the ability to purchase those items, and last but certainly first and foremost, our friends and family that support and encourage us. No matter what is thrown in front of us, everyday brings new challenges and fresh blessings.

And I thank God for all of it.

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