Tuesday, June 29, 2010


G comes in quite often. He is getting up in years and loses his temper a bit but all in all, he is a good man and a steady customer so most of us smile when he tells us he will never eat in our restaurant again but reenters the next day or so.

The other day, he ordered a Bacon, Lettuce, Avocado, and Tomato from Casey. Casey did not think much of the fact that G could not eat some foods because of his dentures.

When Casey walked out onto the floor, G was waiting for him with two pieces of Bacon in his hand. Flipping them at Casey, he said, "Just try to chew these. They are impossible!". Casey declined but after G's insistence, got him something different and no charged the sandwich.

This did not stop G from his point, however. He challenged the other waitstaff and some customers that he knew to try and chew the bacon that he flipped around in his fingers. All smiled and declined. His new meal arrived and we felt that it was all done then.

As he came up to the register to pay, however, he still had the two pieces of bacon in his fist. "Just try biting this and chewing on it!", he barked at the cashier. The cashier declined and G walked out the door flipping the bacon and muttering.

I do believe that Jerry Seinfeld would have a field day at our place.


Anonymous said...

If Jayden had been there at the time, I'm sure he would have eaten the guy's bacon! Ha!

keeneye said...

Mmm. Did you say Bacon? Mmmmm.