Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bill Bussey

Yesterday was Memorial Day. We were very busy in the morning and slowed down just enough to let me get away and go to the Memorial service at Deschutes Gardens. Many of the Band of Brothers were there and we agreed that next year, we would be putting up a wreath.

Afterwards, Zin and I drove up to Redmond to visit Lauren who has been in a home there temporarily while he goes through some therapy that should allow him to go home and continue his normal life. While there, Lauren proudly showed us a picture and medal that was sent to him by none other than General Petraeus (sp) himself. What an incredible honor.

As I looked at the medal, thoughts of my old friend Bill Bussey flooded me. Bill passed away a couple of weeks ago and his local service is going to be this Saturday in Lapine. I believe that the church will not be big enough to fit us all and have suggested that people going should bring their own chairs. Bill was always one to honor people. As a matter of fact, he took that as his mission in life. I have three things that he gave me. A patch that will one day grace a jacket, a hat that I wear proudly, and a coin that he had my name inscribed on.

Last night, I used that coin as my marker in poker. I remember staring at it as I played and seeing visions of the big guy who gave it to me. In my mind, I could see him sitting over in the corner. He was never one to just step out in front. Even when he gave his tributes, he would stand off to the side. He wanted the person honored to be in the forefront.

I sure miss him. And the room will always have a vacant gap in it where he would sit with his box of items to honor people with. In that same light, my heart will have a gap that will not be easily filled.

Goodbye again, old friend. Or should I just say, 'See ya'. I know where you are and know that I will see you again one day. And if Heaven were a room....I know where you would be sitting.

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