Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Bloody Big Problem

We worked with the local Red Cross and VA center to set up a Band of Brothers Blood drive recently. Since I did not have the room to house the drive, Williamson and Company, who I lease from allowed the drive to go on in their hall right behind us.

The Red Cross representative came by to see the Band of Brothers on Monday and to get them to sign up for the drive. She was very successful in signing up some and all looked well until she showed me the date, July 5th.

July 5th is a holiday and we have cancelled the Band of Brothers meeting that day because of that. So, that has thrown us into a bit of a dilemma on just how to make this drive the success that it needs to be.

Zin and I challenged the local Vietnam Veterans of America last evening to join us and I believe Zin is going to challenge the Marine Corp League this evening. Our thought is this. To get the veteran organizations to join in on this much needed blood drive. We are willing to go out and buy a plague for the winning organization. My first thought is to call it the 'Best Bloody Veteran Group in Bend'.

I am very open for any suggestions on how to turn this problem around and make this blood drive even more profitable than it was originally intended. I will be talking it up at the coming Fourth of July BBQ and Blues event and also the day of the event as it is a holiday and we will probably be busy.

So, open your minds, get outside your boxes, and give me some of your ideas on how to make this drive a success. No idea is corny or wrong.


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