Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Proactive and Blood Sugar

I decided last week that I was going to get proactive and fight my cancer from the other side. My doctors are using surgery and that is all well and good, but I need to fight it with nutrition. Actually, it was my buddy, Frank's idea. He gave me a book about it and I started to read it. Then I discovered another friend who had fought her cancer with yet another book based upon your blood type. She found out what I was doing and loaned me her book.

Armed with this knowledge, I began to adjust my diet accordingly. One thing that I learned about cancer from these books was that it is fed with sugar. Now, at the same time, I had not been feeling well and I decided to check my blood sugar and found it running a bit high.

I began a strict regiment of diet on Saturday, (well strict as a busy man can get) with fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast, and chicken or pork for lunch or dinner. Then, I discovered in the second book, that I am not suppose to eat either of the later. I quickly adjusted and on Sunday evening began eating primarily foods that were good for me according to that book.

By Monday night, I was feeling better. I read a chapter of one of my books before going to bed and actually slept through out the night. When I awoke on Tuesday, fairly rested, my blood sugar was down to 98. Other than feeling lots of stress in the day, I felt pretty good. I even walked a bit in the morning helping that feeling.

I went into the evening feeling pretty good and then stopped at Jake's for a bite to eat before heading to the VVA meeting. I felt pretty good getting ready for bed but when I took my blood sugar it was up over 160. I scratched my head in wonder but went to bed anyway. Sure enough, two hours later, I am up. I took it again and found it 138.

Then it hit me. Tuesday night is Spaghetti night. I love spaghetti and always eat a plate of it during our special night. Not only is it high in sugar but it has another food that the second book tells me to stay away from, Tomatoes. I could not believe how dumb I had been. To be so careful and then to just indulge without a thought.

I have just got to get smarter.

Now, on a positive note, Thursday night looks like it might get big. There seems to be a bit of a buzz going on about our up coming Banjo Jam. I would suggest if any of you are planning on coming that you might want to bring your own chairs to sit outside and listen to the picking.

Also, I found out that Richard is bringing not one but two Grammy award winning artists to the car show next week. Local keyboardist and song writer Andy Armer (This link will take you to a video of Andy performing at the 2010 Portland Music Awards with Richard playing guitar next to him) and Steel Guitarist Ken Emerson. If the weather stays with us, it should be one heck of a night with the profits going to the High Desert Model A's COCC Scholarship fund.

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