Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The new diet seems to be working. My blood sugar has declined which has affected me in a few ways. First off, I seem to be able to sleep a bit better. Now, that might affect this blog a bit in finding times to post but I think you would all agree that health is a bit more important. If I wake up early and have something on my mind, I will still try to relay that out.

My life still seems to be as packed as usual but I have found creative ways to get exercise in. Yesterday, I walked from the repair shop on Reed Market Road to work. The funny thing was that I ran into another Model A guy on the way who was doing the same thing but heading the other way. We laughed as we both had a good hours walk ahead of us with the rain starting to fall.

The Band of Brothers was brisk with close to a hundred in attendance. I noticed a woman walk in and then turn and head outside. I followed her and sure enough, she was telling her husband that we were far to busy. I assured her of a seat and that we would be just as fast as any other time. She took me up on it and when I tried to find her a seat, realized that the back room was packed also. But, my friend Buck and his dad were just about to get up and graciously gave her their seat. Their food was up in less than 10 minutes and the last I saw, they were very happy.

Right in the middle of it all, the hot water stopped. I called the repair shop with a 911 call and within a half an hour, the owner himself was fixing the problem. He laughed that he had to park a block away because of the huge crowd there. But, with the buffet lunch out front and the busy back room, the dishes piled up quite high in the dishroom. It looked like some crazy B movie as I watched them work out from the huge blockade.

The new 'Cruise In' shirts came in and I quickly noted that the print was on the front of the shirts and not the back. I sent off a brisk email on the issue and pondered on whether to put them out, deciding that we would see if they actually sold as well as the others. The mistake could be a future bonus.

Jack, one of our WWII guys, brought in a paper pronouncing the proper way of saying the pledge of allegiance. I have always got a kick out of Jack as he works to get 100 other men who have always said it wrong, say it right. It seems that their is no comma before 'under God'. When we say the pledge, Jack would shout out the unbroken phrase while the other 100 would keep on doing what they have always done. It has never failed to bring a smile to my face as I am so amazed at his zeal there. With the paper in hand, he actually got a couple of guys to join him today and he just might reach his goal one day. I shook his hand and called him 'the rock'.

With the group behind us, I broke away to have a fellow give me a bid on gutters at our house. I chatted with the young man as he did his measurements. "You work at Jake's?", he said, "I have eaten at their place in Portland.". I informed him that we were a different group and were quite independent. "Kind of like that place that use do be down south?". he asked. "Yes, I think our food is much better now than down there.". I meant that in a positive way as most people liked us before but I guess I let the door open. "Well, that is a good thing.", he seemed to smirk. I did not ask him to qualify his statement as I think he was just making small talk anyway....at least I hope he was.

After retrieving the car from the garage, I managed a brief cat nap before heading down back to the diner for supper and preparation for poker night. Business was brisk for a Monday evening and I had to call Jimmy back down to help out the cook who was in a bit of a block. Jimmy bailed him out as I set up the back room. Most of the players came in at the last minute and we ended up with a good night, raising $120 for Habitat and having fun.

I finished the clean up around closing time and headed home. I did not realize how tired I was till I got to my turn onto Bear Creek Rd. I was shaken by the horn behind me as I sat with the green turn light bearing down on me. I didn't bother reading as I crawled into bed and immediately went to sleep. Minutes later, I was awoken and sat up in the bed. I heard a 'bang bang bang' on the window downstairs. Judy had been in the hot tub and Trin had inadvertently locked the door thinking both of us had gone to bed. Trin was in the TV room and heard nothing of this. Judy was very thankful to be able to come in from the freezing cold being as wet as she was. Minutes later....I was again asleep only to wake up to pets that needed attention. I firmly believe that if not for them...I would have slept the night away.

Now, off to another day and to see what new and exciting adventures it might bring. Tomorrow is the last big BBQ of the summer and to give you a taste of what the entertainment will be like, I give you this video of Andy Armer with Richard Taelour on his guitar at the recent Portland Music Awards.


SkippyMom said...

Sounds like quite a few interesting days for you. Please try and get all the rest you can - you need it.

Take care and thanks. :)

diner life said...

Funny, Judy served me some whole wheat pasta last night with homemade pesto. It shot up my blood sugar much worse than the processed spaghetti. Go figure.