Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Day Closer

Tuesday was a very busy day for me. It all started with my repair guy calling me and asking to meet me at the diner in five minutes to talk about the new make up fridge that we are having problems with. It seems that while the floor and fridge are level, the evaporator tray in the bottom is not so it is not draining properly. After calls to the manufacturer, it was decided that we should shim the pan. Now that is something that we could have come up with in the first place but because it is under warranty, we had to decide it the hard way.

From there I started sending out the Public Service Announcements to various media regarding the up and coming event for the Bend Community Center. The responses came in pretty fast and after more emails and telephone calls, I could see that the responses were pretty positive. The morning flew by and before I knew it, Judy was informing me that Let's Make a Space would be arriving in 30 minutes to video the pre-remake portion of their show. Judy was very nervous and apprehensive about being on camera and between her nervousness and my busyness, I don't think that either of us was able to eat a good lunch. I grabbed a half a cheese sandwich and kept on rolling.

They were going to show up around 1 so that we would have some lunch crowd still there when the taping started but Andy got held up and was not able to get there until 1:30. At 1, we were full. By the time Andy arrived, we were almost empty. It actually worked out better, however giving us more room to move around for the shots.

Judy did great. I was so proud of her. I knew that it was important that she be the one for this part of the program because as far as the decorations go, I know my part. I am not any good at any decor projects. Judy does the pretty, I do the practical. It is good that way and I believe makes us a better team.

At one point as Judy and Andy were filming at the counter, Andy stopped and talked to one of our customers who was eating a taco salad at the counter. "What are you eating there?", Andy asked him. "A taco salad.", came the reply. "And how is it?", Andy asked. "It's awesome." Andy then turned and looked straight into the camera and said, "There you go, Johnny Anderson.". The moment was unscripted and priceless.

As soon as the taping was completed, it was time to pick up our grandson from school. As soon as we arrived back at the diner, I had to dive in to our next big project of the day, the big send off party for Donate Life.

My old friend, Mitch, who had a heart transplant a few years ago is the area spokesman for Donate Life and came up with a idea to have a kiosk for people to sign up at. He asked me a few months back if I had a space that he could use and I showed him a unused corner and told him to go for it. Now that corner has a kiosk that Mitch and his son, Ryan created. Truly a first of it's kind, I hope it works out well for their organization.

With the send off dinner in full swing, I began to feel the day so I quickly said goodbye and headed home pretty well beat. After a great supper, movie, and a soak in the tub, I slept pretty good for three hours. Then all of the thoughts of the up and coming week crept into my head and I lay in bed going over them one at a time. Where to put the register for the week. What to do with the salad bar. How to get people to realize that we are not closed when they see all of the construction going on. Where to put the pies. Where to store the back up supplies.

So, unable to clear my head, here I am at 3AM, writing in my living room with the fireplace keeping me warm. So many things to do in the coming days. So many decisions that need to be made. My advice to myself would be just to sleep on it. The problems will be corrected as the arrive. That advice is much easier said, then done.

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