Thursday, April 3, 2008

Why I give back

Someone asked me the other day, why I give so much back to the community. I realize that some don't know and probably some don't care but for you who do want to know, i will attempt to capsulize my reasons.

1. The community kept me alive. When I moved the diner to the east side, I was at the brink of extinction. I had numerous loans out and was borrowing just to pay payroll. I was moving into what was considered the worst location in town and many gave me six months or less before I would be gone. The huge support especially from people who knew our story allowed us to survive.

2. I believe it is the responsibility of business in the community to support the community. If all of us would do our part then we would be able to solve allot of the needs of the community. As with any money issue, there are always the few who believe that they don't need to get involved for whatever reason. What I have found, however, from that purely business aspect is that the more you give, the more you receive.

3. And probably the most important. I am a man of faith. I believe that I was placed where I am for a reason. This may be hard for some to fathom but I generally know when something is put in front of me what I need to do and attempt to do it. To ignore this and take total credit for what has happened to me is not a part of my character. To put it bluntly, when i assist someone, I assist them not just because I desire to but because I believe that it is why God placed me here. I know that there are some who will have problems with that but for me to not state it is to deny it and i will never do that.

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