Friday, June 5, 2009

Road Trip Day 3 A Brotherly visit

The pen is a much better way to communicate than the tongue. I think the reason for that is that you can think things through before you write them but sometimes when we speak, we speak without thinking of the consequences of what we might say. And then we end up with a tread mark on our tongue.

We woke up this morning and headed down to the dining room for breakfast. The Chandler Inn had been a very comfortable place to stay, it was my first time in a bed and breakfast and I was anxious to see what our breakfast would be like. We dined on fresh fruit, yogurt, and scones while we waited for the main course which was a light omelette with ham, cheese, and asparagus in it. The food was very nice and there was a couple from Washington sitting across from us. We chatted with them and asked them what brought them here. They in turn asked us the same. I gave them the story of the day before and how we had driving all the way to La Grande and when we found out it wasn't so grand, we returned. As I spoke, two other couples joined us at the table. When I finished, the couple from Washington told me that it was a very good story and then asked the other two couples where they were from. The first couple said, "La Grande" and then the second couple said the same.

With egg on my face and a foot in my mouth, I apologised to both of the couples. They both told me no worry and that they didn't think much of La Grande either. But I knew better and felt like crawling out under the table and out the door. Before I left, I apologised once more and we headed back to our room to pack up for our next journey.

We left Mia with Lisa and drove up to Wallowa Lake and took the tram to the top of the mountain. It was a very steep climb up the tram but with a very outstanding view. The ride was a little unnerving and we discussed that with the crew at the top. One of them laughed and told us that a helicopter pilot had told them just the day before that it freaked him out. We took a few pictures at the top before taking the small box hanging on the wire back down the steep embankment. We made a short visit to Chief Joseph's grave before picking up our bags and Mia for the next leg of the trip.

We had decided to drive to Lewiston, Idaho. My brother, Rudy and his wife Roxanne lived about an hour below the town and we hoped to meet them there to say hello. I called Rudy before we left but I figured that he was probably in church. We headed north from Enterprise through Rattlesnake pass. Lisa warned us that their were quite a few switchbacks on the road. The road was beautiful and Judy's car hugged the road as we maneuvered through the tight turns and switchbacks. We arrived in Lewiston a couple of hours later and received a message from Rudy saying that he was going down to the mill for a while. We ate lunch in Lewiston and decided to drive south towards the small town that he lived in. We arrived in Grangeville and had still not heard from his so we drove further. As we drove down into the canyon where the river that runs through the town was, Rudy called back. Before we could get directions, however, we lost all cell service. We kept on driving and when we found a small store, we stopped and asked to use their phone. Roxanne answered and gave me directions to their house. We had no idea just how far out of town they were. But the distance was well worth it as we drove into their drive and was welcomed by them.

I could not believe how beautiful the setting was and the first thing that I heard when I got out of the car was a low and rather loud sound coming from across the road. Rudy laughed and told me that it was the bull frogs that lived in the pond there. There house sits in a very fertile ground above a rushing river that can be heard from the house. From their front porch, you can see past the meadow to the river below. We had a very tasty BBQ out on their deck and then watched as the deer came into the meadow for the evening. I have never seen deer dance and play as they did. It was truly a relaxing peaceful sight.

After dark, we went inside and while Mia played on the floor, we talked into the night only stopped by the fact that Rudy had to get up early the next morning for work. Judy and I then retired also, happy to see Rudy and Roxanne and sleeping very well in their guest room.

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